Mystic Coaching & Training

It's my privilege to offer myself as a vibrant source of support, healing, and awaking for professionals and everyday seekers. Mining 35 years post-Masters experience - integrating western psychology with eastern mysticism and ancient esoteric wisdom - I offer elite quality training and coaching to seekers, individuals in recovery, professionals working with trauma, and teams seeking to attain new levels of vibrant enthusiasm for their work. 

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Coach, Counselor & Trainer

Artist, Author, Consultant

For 35 years I've been training to provide clinical services - counseling, therapy & performance coaching - as well as intensive Morning Mindset Training & Coaching.

That's what I do. But that's not the least of who I am. 

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Mystic Coaching & Training

If I did not understand the glory & sufferings of the human heart, I would not bow before its holiness. - St. Catherine of Siena

As a professional, I'm dedicated to the idea that my effectiveness as an agent of healing & change is derived - not from my training and skills - but from my own capacity to self-reflect, to dive within, challenge myself, wrestle with my own shadows, examine my patterns, expand my mind, open my heart and PRACTICE breathing life into the man I hold in my highest vision.   My commitment to personal mastery - self-actualization - is the source of my greatest gift to the world.  If you want to know what I do, it's best to know who I am

I'm a man dedicated to living deeply, fully, and courageously. I'm tethered to the alchemical process of my own awakening.

My life path reflects a deep commitment to examining my own unconscious patterns and my potential to expand. To awaken.

Mystical Lake

There's great value in summoning the courage it takes to grapple with a messy life.

Over the course of 5 decades, my life's path has evolved through many twists and turns, each twists a doorway to a new understanding, a new gift.  I continue practicing the skills necessary for refining my ego and increasing my capacity to serve.

My life's path doesn't resemble any traditional path of spirituality or personal development, nor should yours. We each get to choose our own path and how we express that in our work and our lives. I walk with you along your journey, guiding you through the labyrinth of your inner life to the abode of your golden promise in this world.

Our Services


Mystic Training

For counselors and professionals working with trauma victims, experiencing burnout or seeking new life.

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Mystic Coaching

 Mindset training, transpersonal coaching & esoteric counseling for seekers and individuals committed to radical change.

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Lifestyle & Image Consulting

For the professional seeking to up-level how you show up in your life, focusing on fashion, home decor, personal wellness, physical & spiritual fitness.


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