Choosing Our Thoughts, Creating our Best Lives

By participating in this intensive you will have a powerful mindset practice (meditation, breathing, creative visualization, etc) committed to memory.  

You will know how to meditate and practice potent breathing exercises for the rest of your life. 

You will have a solid personal mastery discipline in place that will continue to gain momentum  and reap tangible rewards as time goes on. 

You will become proficient at managing your mind and emotions via cutting edge consciousness training techniques.

You will be able to course-correct errant thoughts, limiting beliefs and sabotaging emotions within moments.  By the time we're done you'll have a very powerful tool for getting beyond the limits of "probability thinking", hence opening yourself up to positive synchronicities and miracles.

You'll be in direct alignment with your highest vision for your career, yourself, and your life's dreams. 

You'll know extreme clarity.

You'll know deeper fulfillment in your personal and business relationships.

The best part:  you'll know more joy and connection as a husband, wife and lover.


Deep Dive into Transformation

The Mastery Intensive is our most popular program.  It includes deeper, more thorough support on a daily basis including the Morning Practice, daily Consciousness Training sessions, an Evening Practice and more. 

You will receive a powerful, easy to use tool for manifestation, *The Alignment Accelerator, custom designed just for you. 

This program has been the game changer for those who've taken it. I guide you every day for one month (minus weekends) to slow down, breathe, connect to your center and open your mind to broader possibilities. No other program offers this level of comprehensive support on a daily basis.

*If you want to take a really deep dive, Inquire within for more about the 60 and 90 Day Intensive.

No more than 5 participants are accepted into this program at a time so you receive the very highest level of personal attention.