Welcome to my page! 


For 30 years I've been training to provide clinical services (counseling, therapy & performance coaching) as well as spiritual counseling & guidance.


But that's not really who I "am". 

Who I am is a man committed to living deeply.

Deeply inspired, deeply flawed, deeply passionate, deeply messy, deeply loving, and deeply committed to examining my own shadows and potential to expand.

My life's work does not look like any traditional path of spirituality or personal development.

My path is not about becoming "holier than thou", "enlightened" or some pop-culture version of a "spiritual" person. 

I have no interest in being limited by that fictional character or breaking my legs trying to stand on a phony persona.

There's great value in summoning the courage it takes to grapple with a messy life. 

My life's work is about acknowledging what is without pretense and doing what it takes to continue improving. 

Regardless of the circumstances, it's about being grateful for every opportunity to create something beautiful.

OK, I don't always start out feeling so grateful ;-) but even those moments of resistance, remorse & regret invariably yield incredible gifts.

Every single great thing in my life today is the result of some "mistake" I once made.


My personal work is about practicing habits necessary for increasing my capacity to be of service in the highest possible manner.

It's about fine-tuning my vibration to resonate with that which is most fulfilling, beautiful and life-giving. 

It is about practicing wakefulness in small increments, one moment at a time. 

This is what I teach and guide people through. 

We're in this together. 

Now, about my training:

Beyond +25 years post-Masters experience as a therapist & addictions counselor, I've been a student of Mystery Schools and Science of Mind for 30 years. 


My path has taken me down a number of roads involving classical analysis, transformational men’s work, Jungian & gestalt therapy, shamanism, sufism, yoga, meditation and finally consciousness work. Following a 10-year shamanic apprenticeship, in 2007 I gave away my possessions and went to live in the Satchidanda Ashram (Yogaville). For one life-changing year I dove into meditation, yoga and spiritual practice. That experienced changed my relationship to my mind forever.  Following a 4 year stint as an addictions counselor in the West Indies, I returned to the USA where I've sought to expand beyond the limiting models traditionally used to address addictions, compulsions & self-defeating behavior. That involved deeper work with Joey Klein ("The Inner Matrix", Conscious Transformation) and Raven Anne Quigley, master facilitator of Access Consciousness. That lead me to this, and this is leading me to....?

I hope you come work with me.

I'll help you get extreme clarity about your life’s vision.

I teach practical steps to get into full alignment with the vision.

I help you design your own personal practice for cultivating the success you crave.

I help you develop discipline and habits geared to manifesting your hopes & dreams. 

I show you how to experience deep fulfillment in your personal and business relationships.

I guide you in experiencing more joy and connection as a husband, wife and lover.

I show you how to get into the “Realm of Miracles”.

How can it get any better than that?

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