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Mystic Group Coaching

For Leaders & Individuals Seeking Accountability / Outcome Support

Mystic Group Coaching


For individuals seeking accountability partners, guidance and support in staying aligned and focused on your desired outcomes. Time to get dialed in on those goals!

$98 / month 

Groups last 12 weeks.

One web meeting per week.

One pvt session per month. 

Daily motivational.  

Groups forming now. Call for details.

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Digital Reading

Group Coaching for Business Owners, CEO's & Leaders

Team performance strategies
Life-Work Balance coaching
Managing difficult employee support
Diversity & Inclusion strategies
Employee Engagement 



Inspiring Vocational Coaching

For the individual ready to give up the rat race and choose a career path that inspires and fulfills you. 


Taking Notes

Guided Morning Practice
5 x/week

Guided Meditation

Consciousness Training / Coaching Session /weekly

professional developmnet training sessions for teachers

Morning Mindset Training 

Business Morning

Alignment Accelerator

People Working in Open Office