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Heal Your Heart withTrauma-Sensitive Experiential Programming


The Healing Heart Experience is a two-day experiential trauma-resolution retreat that helps individuals begin the process of healing from underlying pain and unresolved trauma. It is an empowering, safe place to rediscover oneself after being impacted by trauma, divorce/separation, addiction, and other adverse experiences.

At the HHE, every person gets the opportunity to heal shame & grief through deep compassion, commencing a new, joyful way of being in the world. We help each one integrate this essential part of life recovery in a safe and powerful way.

Testimonial from Professionals

I can't begin to tell you what a blessing HHE has become for me. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to watch the exponential growth those gentlemen experience through the act of becoming truly vulnerable. The messages that we as men are given about masculinity are so toxic, and your immense talent allows those messages to fall away. The result is intense and POWERFUL! Those men come in having no idea how fortunate and blessed they are. You are truly a gift to so many men, and I am beyond gratitude for the opportunity to play a small part in supporting you and these men.

I don't know how you do what you do and it is beautiful to be in the presence of your masterful clinical work.

- M.Neal, MA, LCDC

Trauma-Informed Addiction Counseling

We hold space for you to examine your emotions, toxic thought patterns and any trauma that may be at the root of your addiction;

You will be encouraged to examine your choices and take ownership for the life you choose to create; 

We create an affirming environment to support you in deepening emotionally, mentally, and spiritually;

We help you transform your pain into purpose, and access true joy without drugs, alcohol, and compulsive behaviors.

You get to experience a safe space - physically, psychologically and emotionally - to support you in unpacking traumas stemming from childhood as well as military deployments, painful losses, disappointing career/family/marital outcomes, toxic theology, discrimination, bullying, and more. 

Holding Hands
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