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Mystic Team Training


Team Training & Experiential Facilitation

Custom-designed programming for counselors and professionals working with trauma clients; group programming to treatment centers offering a deep dive into meditation, mysticism, mindset training + experiential trauma resolution intensives within an inpatient setting.

High Performance Team Management 

Throw out the one-size-fits-all team-building workshop. I support organizations in building multi-stakeholder coalitions by engaging leadership, middle managers, and frontline staff, identifying where they see themselves, where they want to be, and what is getting in the way of embodying their most inspiring vision.


Using a multi-dimensional framework involving individual and team coaching, we work to identify what drives your people, what are their deepest passions, and strategize how to bring those strengths to bear in the workplace.

Team Meeting

My modality involves a synthesis of group skills, practical technologies around the psychology of peak performance, and an integration of bottom-line targets established by leaders. I dig into many years’ experience as a leadership trainer, educator, and facilitator, integrating them into a singular modality. 

Leadership Training for Professionals


From Burnout to Rejuvenation

Reaching Out to the Sun
Kundalini Yoga Breathing

Re-set The Nervous System:
Breathwork & Physiology of Peak Performance

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Mastery Mindset Training

From Probability Thinking to Possibility Thinking:
Access Consciousness Training

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Experiential Trauma Resolution 


D&I and Employee Engagement

Diversity Students