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How to Make Space for the Impossible

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Some years ago I heard an idea that revolutionized my mind:

"My primary responsibility each day is to cultivate Possibility Consciousness".

I printed that out and posted it everywhere i went. I posted it up in every office I had and every place I lived in. I set it as a deliberate intention every morning. Possibility thinking is not natural for me. I have to work at that. As soon as I get lazy, I'm thinking of all the "probabilities", and when I get into probabilities I start thinking "I'm probably going to fail. Things are probably going to go south. Things are probably not going to go well." So I get a head start on that by declaring, every morning as soon as I open my eyes, "What's possible for me today? What are all the infinite possible outcomes that I just can yet see?"

But today, for no reason at all a light bulb went off. I got up and thought, "screw possibility consciousness".

What about IMPOSSIBILITY Consciousness?

What about making space for the IMPOSSIBLE to happen in my life?

Maybe today the impossible happens.

Maybe today a fortune lands in my lap that I wasn't planning for.

Maybe someone calls me out of the blue and offers me the job of my dreams.

Maybe I run into the most amazing beautiful inspiring woman in the world and she tells me she's in love with me, and when I tell her I don't believe that's possible she laughs and tells me, "tough shit, get used to it."

Maybe today I get the book deal,

Maybe I land the big client.

Maybe today our government comes together and declares a truce in the war against reason, compassion & critical thinking.

Maybe today all the conflicting parts of my own mind come together and declare a truce in its war against peace.

Maybe today suddenly everything I ever wanted comes true.

Maybe today (my pup) Jon Snow's personality melts into me and I become a lovable, playful, happy-go-lucky luv-bug that everybody in the world wants to hug.

Maybe today I wake up and realize - not philosophically, but in my very bones - that I'm already free?

Impossible things happen all the time. We just found a bunch of planets 40 light years away that have water on them. Impossible.

So today I retire my old mantra, and take on a new one:

My primary responsibility today is to cultivate IMPOSSIBILITY CONSCIOUSNESS.

What would it take for the impossible to happen with ease, joy & glory today?


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