For the individual ready for a radical departure from the typical routine. 

Begin each day with a guided meditation + intention setting + preparing to show up 150% for your day. 


Habits are formed via repitition.  We work together daily 5 days a week for 6 weeks.  Sessions are a minimum of 7 minutes, but as much as 45 minutes to start the day.  You go into every single day feeling confident, optimistic, joyful and inspired.  You will BREATHE before diving into your day.  


You will leave this program with a dedicated practice that supports your hightest vision.  You will have a habit inside your bones and a practice you can prosper from for the rest of your life.  


Guided Morning Practice 5 x week

Afternoon Consciousness Training / Coaching Session 5x/week

Evening Practice

Morning Mindset Training Template


Mastery Dedication 45 Day Intensive

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