What if you could start every morning priming your mind and emotional body for peace, joy, happiness, excitement, optimism, and gratitude?  


How would your life be different if you knew how to anchor down into these states?


What if you had a quick early morning practice along with a couple of touchstone practices to get you through the day with energy, verve, and a feeling of lightness, peace & happiness?


Have you ever wished you could set up a morning meditation/mindset practice but

Just. Can't. Find. The. Time!!!


Your wish just came true <3 


JOIN NOW for NO CHARGE for the first 3 days. 

If its not for you, you're under no obligations.


You will love it and notice a tangible difference in the tone and outcomes of your day.  Here's how it works: 




Call before you leave the house,

while drinking your morning coffee or driving to work.


Within 7 minutes you'll be inside the emotions you want most, and thinking in a way that supports those states. 


For one full month

I walk you thru a quick but potent morning exercise to prime your mind and mood for the day.


Each call is custom-designed to get you in alignment with abundance, prosperity, & your vision of success.


But There's More! 


This package includes ongoing support throughout each day for 30 days,


one 30-minute session per week to focus on weekly intentions and strategies.


Free Morning Mindset Planner 



You've got a full 3 days to try it out!

If it doesn't work for you, simply ask for a refund.


To schedule a free 30 minute chat to explore your interest, simply click here and select a time that works for you!  We can discuss your hopes, needs and wants, and if it looks like this is the right thing for you we'll set things up for you. 

The 7 Minute Morning