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Mystic Coaching & Training

You are my ideal client if you're dedicated to a path of self-discovery/self-actualization and hungry for something a bit different.  Maybe you've tried all the other typical strategies to personal development, spirituality, leadership development, employee engagement, self-help, etc. You've taken the workshops, hired coaches, traveled for gurus, read all the books and finally come to the realization that peace, joy and freedom don't come by learning new things.  By this time you've probably read enough self-help books and attended enough seminars to notice: it's all the same stuff!  You have enough knowledge already to create the life you desire.  What's next?

Strong leadership emerges from within an integrated personality. That comes by way of cultivating  an open heart, a mind fixed on an inspiring vision, and a healthy coherence between the two.  It requires focus, intention and relentless practice on a daily basis. 

My ideal client recognizes the value of digging into deep inner mastery practice as the path to peak performance and emotional health. The outcomes are healthy, inspired partnerships, relationships and teams. 

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I help leaders access the potency that lies beneath limiting subconscious conditioning.  I support you in training your own mind and emotions to get the best out of yourself and your team.  


Inner mastery translates into outer mastery. I guide leaders to turn B teams into A teams by offering a unique process that combines progressive team strategies with transformational inner mastery.


I engage leaders in deep inner mastery process that evokes transformational change in their teams.   If this is you and you want to translate that in your work environment, contact me. We'll get this done!

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Mystic Training

Geared for counselors and professionals working with trauma clients.

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Mystic Coaching

 Transformational Personal Mastery Intensive, Individual and/or Group Coaching for those seeking to bridge the spiritual with the practical.

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Lifestyle & Image Consulting

For the professional seeking to up-level how you show up in your life, how you express your true vitality and mining for the most authentic, creative expression of your true essence. Fashion, interior design, lighting, Feng shui, etc.