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Counseling & Coaching


Counseling & Coaching 

Our work together supports you in releasing long-buried grief and the lingering effects of adverse childhood experiences.
We co-create an emotionally validating environment to support you as you explore your inner emotional life. 
Through the practice of vulnerability, you get to experience a true sense of connection and belonging in your life.


Successful Girl

Recovery Enrichment & Relapse Prevention

for those suffering from Addiction:

The ability to regulate difficult emotions such as grief, shame and anger is critical for long-term sobriety and forging a deep, joyful expression of recovery. We work in the spirit of helping you to be firmly established in your sense of being seen with all your innate intelligence, wisdom, inner resources and strengths intact.  The goal is for you to leave confident that you have everything it takes to drive you own vision for your recovery.  My goal is for you to have an experience of your own personal power to choose and create the life you aspire to live.  



 Experiential Trauma Resolution Retreats

Geared for counselors and professionals working with trauma clients.

Group Seflie
People comforting a grieving crying man. Concerned understanding patients in group therapy

Trauma-Informed Addiction Counseling & Workshops

 Transformational Personal Mastery Intensive, Individual and/or Group Coaching for those seeking to bridge the spiritual with the practical.


Somatic Experiential Facilitation

For the professional seeking to up-level how you show up in your life, how you express your true vitality and mining for the most authentic, creative expression of your true essence. Fashion, interior design, lighting, Feng shui, etc.

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