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Morning Routine: How a Man Picks His Wardrobe


I’m picking my first thoughts this morning the way I pick my my wardrobe. I stand in front of the closet of my mind and ask which outfit I like best. What do i want to wear today? How do i want to look? How do I want to feel? What will make me feel most comfortable? What will give me an advantage today? HOW DO I WANT TO EFFECT OTHERS TODAY?

Trust me: the world doesn’t want me rolling out of bed and letting my mind work by default. The old subconscious program isn’t always so useful, helpful or wise. It's not supposed to be. The subconscious mind is a rigid set of feelings and patterns that serve one purpose: to survive another day by repeating the same patterns and creating the same outcomes it's already familiar with. Its about surviving, not thriving. Not expanding. Not transformation.

I can't afford to let my wardrobe pick me. Instead, I pick my wardrobe. Deliberately.

I’m being deliberate about what/who I allow to shape my consciousness, especially first thing in the morning before my mind wakes up and starts wreaking havoc.


I have rules for the first hour of my day. I’m not letting Fox News pick my thoughts. I’m not letting NBC or the NY Times or The Today Show pick my thoughts. Until I have done my morning practice (guided journaling, creative visualization, breath work and meditation) I don't allow myself to scroll FB or look at my email. Any habits that trigger old subconscious mental & emotional patterns are avoided until I have done my morning mindset work. I usually do it right in my bed before I even get up. Not taking any chances ;-)

My thoughts are the most important guiding force I have as I begin my day. They fuel emotional patterns that determine my outcomes. So before I get into the news or watch something on TV or dive into social media, I’m watching my mind and directing where I want it to be. I’m looking for gratitude, inspiration, excitement about SOMETHING, enthusiasm for ANYTHING. I’m looking for a focus beyond my own concerns. If I don’t see it, I create it. Period.


I have a notebook. Its pretty. I like looking at it. I open the notebook and take colorful pens and begin setting up my thinking by answering questions:

1. What’s POSSIBLE for me today?

2. What am I EXCITED about or looking forward to?

3. What do I choose to CREATE today?

4. How do I INTEND to show up today?

5. What would it take for me to make today just a little better than yesterday?

6. What am I grateful for?

Every. Single. Morning.

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays too. The subconscious doesn't know the difference between Monday morning and a day off. If you don’t pick your first thoughts like that, you may as well walk out into the world without brushing your teeth. That's like going to work with bed-head, curlers in your hair, and a ratty t-shirt. Would you do that?

Take a moment as soon as you wake up. Set your alarm 10 minutes early. Pick your mental wardrobe. Select the consciousness that gives you the best chance to show up in the best possible version of yourself today. The world - or at least one person - needs you to show up like that today. Right this moment somebody in the world is praying for a person like you to show up in all your glory.

Put something pretty on.

Before your mind wakes up and ruins everything.

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