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Practice Like an Artist

The very purpose of art is this: to express the glorious diversity of one thing: Sunlight.

Art is a dissolving of the illusion of separateness. All colors are part of a spectrum that derives from one thing: LIGHT.

At the root of the deepest spiritual traditions in the world is the idea that ALL is ONE.

Dig deep enough and you come to a point where you can't distinguish spirituality from science.

Science now tells us we are connected on many levels, from subtle to material. The idea that we're made of the same stuff as the sun and stars is not some new-age philosophy. But the realization of this idea, an acknowledgment that seeps below the surface of the rational mind until it fills your bones, that is a deliberate practice for most of us. We've got to practice - with relentless repetition - the sensation of oneness even while acknowledging diversity.

Mental, emotional, and spiritual health is characterized by the dismantling of categories, judgements, labels, and concepts that express polarity:

better than vs. less than;

superior vs. inferior;

black vs. white.

But it's not normal to think expansively. Polarity is the foundation for any species intent on surviving. Expanding beyond that is something one has to decide to do, to surrender the rational mind and dissolve into the creative realm of unlimited possibilities. It's where all the colors of science & spirituality bleed into one radiant expression.

Any artistic path, if it is true, can be identified by the way in which it breaks down walls.

The artists knows only color.

Practice like an artist. Throw some sun light up there just for the fun of it and see what happens.

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